lundi, avril 23 2007

Un week-end plutôt productif...

Pfiou, dur boulot. Et il m'en reste encore beaucoup... /me va aller se coucher.

(posté après l'annonce de la sortie des versions mineures...)

mardi, mars 13 2007

Re : translation of the website


As far as I know, you can already do it. Just grab the templates in pgweb CVS and translate each HTML file. There's also a .po file to translate (.pot). News items are, ISTM, on a database.

I'm currently doing the templates' translation for the french language. I've done more than half of them but there's still some work to do :)

Oh and there was lots of threads about this on pgsql-www, especially :

And this one can be of interest to you : Language data.