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lundi, juillet 26 2010

Reset statistics for one table or one function

During 9.0 development, Magnus Hagander added two system functions to reset an object's statistics. The first one, pg_stat_reset_single_table_counters(), to reset a statistics of a specific relation, the second one, pg_stat_reset_single_function_counters(), to reset a function's statistics. I don't know why but it fell off my radar for some reason during the development of pgAdmin 1.11.

So, now that we can start adding new features to pgAdmin, I worked on a patch to use these two system functions.

Say you have a table named t1. It has some statistics. You can see them on the Statistics tab of the browser window:


You want to reset its statistics. Right-click on the table's name in the brower, select "Reset statistics":


pgAdmin will ask you to confirm the action:


And, if you answered yes, pgAdmin will fire the "SELECT pg_stat_reset_single_table_counters(<oid of the table>)" query, and display the new counters:


You probably noticed it didn't reset all counters. That's right. Index counters need to be reset separately. That's something missing on my patch. Something I should fix ASAP.