End of pgAdmin's GSoC 2011

Luis Ochoa sent me his latest patch some time ago. It took me a while to find some time to review his patch, to fix a few bugs, but I finally did it. And I applied the resulting patch this afternoon.

What we now have is really awesome: reverse engineering of an existing schema. Even more, we can build an SQL script to create the reversed model or only apply the changes between the model and a selected database. It could be another database than the one used for the reverse engineering. One simple example to show its power. You can reverse engineer your schema on your development database, connect to your production database and ask the database designer to build the script that will contain only the SQL to push the definition changes.

Of course, right now, the code is probably quite buggy. And it lacks a lot of features. First one would be a better datatype support. Only a few types are accepted right now. User defined types aren't obviously but also some uncommon types (like tsvector), and common ones (timestamp with timezone for example). Also lacking is a support of all the table properties (fillfactor, autovacuum settings are part of the missing ones).

If you want to take a look, you should probably see the video attached to this blogpost. You'll see how the database designer works with the pagila database (I fixed a few types in the schema to show a better demo but that's the only changes I made).

If you want to see it live, maybe you should come to pgconf.eu in Amsterdam. Luis Ochoa and I will be presenting this tool, do some demos, and wait for suggestions, and feature requests.



1. Le dimanche, septembre 11 2011, 09:08 par Matt

Very nice. I wonder if you could reuse the data type logic that the rest of pgAdmin currently uses for editing tables.

2. Le lundi, septembre 12 2011, 10:00 par Guillaume Lelarge

I hope we will. As I said, there are a lot of things to do to make it even better.

3. Le lundi, septembre 12 2011, 13:48 par Christian V R L

Very nice work, I wonder when it will be avaible to everyone user. I also noted the there is no support yet to "timestamp with timezone" - timestamptz - I use it everywhere and guess a lot more people too.

4. Le lundi, septembre 12 2011, 14:06 par Guillaume Lelarge

timestamptz and others will be available of course. That's why we need to work on the datatypes issue.

As to when it will be available to all users, I guess mid-2012.

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