Wanna help us adding new features to pgAdmin?

And you don't know how to start? I've been there when I first worked on pgAdmin's source code. You need to understand pgAdmin's code, and you need to know wxWidgets. And PostgreSQL of course. Trust me, it takes quite some time to feel confident.

But there are a few things you can do to help us in our coding department. There are some little features, eagerly waited by some of our users, that are quite easy to code and that could help you start coding on pgAdmin. We have a list of feature requests on http://code.pgadmin.org and I spent some time this evening to add a juniorjob tag to each easy-to-code feature. If you're interested, you should get a look at this junior job list. It would really help us to have some people working on these tickets.

And if you don't want to work on C++ code, you can still help us with the documentation. We'll try to have a complete new manual for 1.16, but we need help to write it. We also badly need translators.

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