Last month work on pgAdmin

Yeah, my last blog post on pgAdmin is a month old. Time to give you some news.

Let's begin with PostgreSQL compatibility. 1.14 won't handle security labels. We haven't find time to add support for that. Good news is that 1.16 will. We already have that in git. Here is how it looks on a table:


See the new "Security labels" tab? that's it. A better news is that we already support security labels on shared objects (I mean databases, tablespaces, and roles). And that's a 9.2 new feature.


Speaking of 9.2, we also added support for invalid domains and invalid check constraints.


The user can create these objects without the validate step; They can validate them later.

I think that's about it on PostgreSQL compatibility.

I know pgAdmin for quite a long time, and I've often been bitten by this old bug: open a property dialog, refresh the object on the browser, change the object in the property dialog... and crash. This shouldn't happen again. Once a property dialog is open for an object, the user can't refresh the object or any of its parents. He cannot either drop the object or any of its parents. And he cannot close the connection. Till he closes the property dialog. I'm really glad we finally put an end to this bug. Unfortunately, it's rather a big change in behaviour, so it won't be backpatched.

Luis Ochoa continued his work on his 2011 GSoC project (the database designer). He added load/save support. Files are in XML format, and have a .pgd extension. He also added multimodel diagram, so that the user can view his schema in different ways. Here are two views of the same design:



And last, we redesigned the options window, so that we could put more options without making the dialog bigger. It follows what LibreOffice and other programs are already doing:


So, despite the summer vacations, we're still going forward and at a good pace.


1. Le mercredi, août 31 2011, 05:47 par dis

Hello and sorry for the unrelated request but do you think us Linux users can get some support on Ticket #74?


2. Le mercredi, août 31 2011, 08:33 par Guillaume Lelarge

No problem with the unrelated request. Issue is not with pgAdmin but with wxWidgets. I hope it will get better with wxWidgets 3.0 (still unavailable unfortunately).

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