Search Object tool in pgAdmin

Something was missing in pgAdmin, something I didn't believe at first. Jasmin Dizdarevic came up some (long) time ago with a patch implementing a Search Object tool. After lots of discussion, I commited the final patch.

The contextual menu of each database contains a new menu item: "Search objects...".


When you select this item, it'll open a new window asking you to enter a name pattern, and press the "Find" button. Once you've done that, pgAdmin will search each object whose name contains the pattern. It'll will display each object found in the results list.


When you click on one of the results, it will select the object in the browser.

Quite impressive feature if you ask me, and, sure, one that was missing. There are probably a few more tweaks that could be interesting to enhance this feature (like search in the comments, and objects's icons in the results list). What's great is that we still have plenty of time to do that :)

Anyway, thanks a lot to Jasmin Dizdarevic!

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