pgAdmin GSoC: Database Designer

Luis Ochoa just finished his GSoC. I really think it is a great success. Wanna get a look at it? just watch this nice video.

Unfortunately, I can't commit it right away. There is still work to do. First, I want to read all the code. I know most of it, but I need to get a deeper understanding. Then, the UI needs a lot of work, as Thom Brown already said on the pgAdmin hackers list.

The first thing we need to decide is how to work together. I want Luis to continue his work if he wants too. As pgAdmin is now using Git as its main source code repository, we could probably create a gsoc_dd branch where I could put Luis's current work and where Luis and I can work together to enhance it. Then, when it's ready, we'll merge this branch with the master. Need to get Dave's opinion on this. And I'm still wondering what we should do with the branch once we merged it.

Anyway, even if there's still work to do, it's really exciting. It could be the major new feature for pgAdmin 1.14. And not the only one. There's also the other GSoC project for pgAdmin. Unfortunately I don't have a video link for this one, I didn't even see it live. Just hope for the best. There will be other major features, in the server status window and in the query tool (EXPLAIN XML, I need to find time to work on this one). Yeah, this is really exciting.


1. Le mercredi, août 18 2010, 11:17 par hopfgartner

As I would say on FB: "I like it". And I like how pgAdmin improves steadily from one version to the next.



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