2007, RMLL 2007

I think the french guys were the only one who didn't blog (in english) on so let's try to put an end to this :)


We really had a great time in Prato. The complete staff (guys and girls) was impressive. Talks were very interesting, at least the advanced ones. It's a bit sad that some talks were so small, Simon's one for example. It's also sad that no dev room were available. But having a chance to meet our friends in real life was something we were eager to do. Well, I think this event was a huge success and I'm already waiting for next year's pgday :) A really big kudos to our italian team.


RMLL 2007 is a french free software event that last five days. Each year, they choose a different city. This time, it was in Amiens. PostgreSQLfr had a booth at RMLL for the second time. Stéphane and I had quite some visitors. Many of them told us that the Sun benchmark will help them to promote PostgreSQL at work. I didn't have the time to look at them now but it makes them happy, so thanks Sun, thanks Josh. This benchmark will really help us :) We also gave many flyers and stickers, and talked with many IT professionnals. We still lack some goodies (the italian staff has a lot of them, really different... I was really impressed by that). Unfortunately, mozilla-europe wasn't there so I couldn't ask them about their european group and the way they created it. I'll find another way to get in touch with them. This can help us to bring up the european PostgreSQL group.

I took some pictures that you can see here :

I'll try to put them on flickr when I will have some time.

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