PostgreSQL manual in PDF

We have three major releases of the PostgreSQL manual in french : 7.4, 8.0 and 8.1. They are all written in SGML Docbook. We use openjade to convert thems in HTML files, and htmldoc to convert the big HTML file in PDF.

Three weeks ago, friends start talking about migrating to XML Docbook. They mostly did it. I just had some mistakes and a few tags to fix. This done, we used LFS makefile and XSLT files to build the HTML manual. It worked great. But then I told to myself that I should look into building a better PDF manual. htmldoc did a great job with the HTML file we provide but the result was kind of ugly. So I started working on it : fixing some issues in the XML files, adding icons, updating the XSL filters, upgrading FOP.

It took me two weeks to create this PDF manual but I'm very proud of it.


1. Le samedi, avril 29 2006, 03:01 par Michael Glaesemann

Very nice! Would you be interested in sharing the details of your toolchain? Moving from SGML to XML for the English-language PostgreSQL documentation has been discussed in the past, but no one's shown a complete toolchain that works well. Feel free to drop in to the pgsql-doc mailing list:

2. Le samedi, avril 29 2006, 10:31 par Guillaume Lelarge

Yes, I would be glad to. I would really like to work on this. Thanks for your comment.

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